At Southeast Equities Group, we believe in the value of tangible physical assets. Our Commodity Division focuses this belief through the acqusition and enhancement of mineral assets, with a primary specialization in those minerals which are of industrial importance in both the manufacturing of leading edge technology products and those minerals which are consequential to the production of energy.

Southeast Equities Group and its affiliates, comprise a Shared Services Network of skilled professionals with specific expertise in the commodity and technology industry sectors.  The Consulting Division avails these skills and experience to clients that seek to engage projects aligned with our coporate philosophy and stated objectives, within these industry sectors .  Engagements are considers on a case-by-case basis.

Value is often created through the efficient use of natural resources.  Simply put, technology is the act of taking mineral commodities and assembling or processing them in such a way as to enhance their overall value.  Through the Technology Division, we practice a philosophy of good stewardship over resource by applying technology to maximize the value realized, while minimizing any negative environmental impact.