SEEG is a for profit company whose primary function is to enhance and create value utilizing a balanced holistic business approach.


our philosophy

It is our belief that all of mankind is charged with a fiduciary responsibility to advance civilization and improve its quality of life. Our corporate philosophy is founded on the belief that all life, in every corner of the globe, is inherently connected in a symbiotic relationship. What affects one will affect all. As such we operate under a “do no harm” directive.


In alignment with this philosophy, it is our belief that we must collectively, as a species, act as good stewards over the natural resources with which mankind has been endowed by balancing financial and industrial gains with their social and ecological impact.

our mission

To engage projects focused on creating value and improving the quality of life through a balanced business model, wherein fiscal performance and social responsibility to the community walk hand-in-hand. This mission will be further realized through supporting the research, development and deployment of economically sound and environmentally responsible technologies that will directly and indirectly catalyze social, economic, environmental, and industrial benefits for posterity.


These mission objectives will be achieved through a collaborative network of strategic partnerships and joint ventures between the public and private sectors, companies, charities, foundations, governmental bodies, and other humanitarian organizations.

"...that which effects one

will eventually have

an effect on all."

our objectives

  • To undertake and develop projects in electrical energy generation, waste remediation, industrial process applications, as well as mineral and raw material promulgation and recycling, utilizing leading edge technology available through affiliate relationships.


  • To strengthen the national security of the project's host country by addressing strategic weaknesses inherent in dependence on unsustainable fossil fuels, foreign supplies of raw materials, and foreign fuel resources.



  • To promote economic growth and job creation through the deployment of paradigm shifting technologies that enhance quality of life while preserving the ecological balance of the environment.