commodity division

In our view of the global economic landscape, mineral and raw material Commodities represent the vast array of natural resources with which mankind has been endowed. They are the assets of the planet, and it is the responsibility of all mankind to act as good stewards over these resources.


The natural raw materials and minerals that we think of as commodities are the foundational building blocks of our modern civilization.  All modern every-day conveniences from the homes we live in to the buildings we work in; to our varied modes of transportation; to our cell phones, televisions, clothing; to our medications; and even the electrical energy powering our cities, begin as no more than a collection of raw materials and minerals waiting to be transformed by industry. Without these raw materials, none of these products would be possible.


The Commodity division of the company is founded on a principle belief that these raw materials are the “lowest common denominator” to commerce and the creation of wealth, and that existing wealth is best protected and represented by these real tangible assets.  The manpower, tools, and know-how that are required to build a product are all useless without the raw materials necessary to build it.


It is for these reasons that the Commodity Division is referred to as the backbone of our operations.  This division, acts as a synergistic counterpart to the Technology Division by ensuring uninterrupted supply of key mineral elements to SEEG subsidiaries and joint venture partners through the vertical integration of the company in the production supply chain of key rare earth minerals, catalytic metals, precious metals, semi-precious metals and other minerals required in the manufacturing process of key leading edge products conceived by the Technology Division.  This is intended to relieve the Shared Service Network participants from sole dependence on foreign suppliers, exposure to market price fluctuation, international trade issues, or global supply shortages.


SEEG’s network of third party strategic alliances include principals and/or their respective mandated agents acting on behalf of refineries, mine owners and operators, international trading funds, central banks, governmental bodies, and high net worth individuals or trusts.


noun      \kə-ˈmä-də-tē\

1:  an economic good: as

a :  a product of agriculture or


b :  an article of commerce 

      especially when delivered for

      shipment <commodities


c :  a mass-produced

      unspecialized product

      <commodity chemicals>

      <commodity memory chips>



commodity subdivisions

The Commodity Division is further subdivided into three business segments.  The Trading segment; The Mineral Rights and Mining segment; and the Added Value Processing segment.  Each of these component segments of the SEEG business model act to integrate the company in the supply chain of these raw materials while facilitating wealth creation in the form of hard assets, while also providing significant cash flows and assets that can be utilized to assist in the development and deployment of leading edge technology projects.


The Trading segment focuses on the physical procurement and sale of precious metals such as gold, silver, and platinum in various forms including head ore, concentrates, alluvial dust, placer nuggets, doré bars, and refined bullion.


Transactional profit is generated by acquiring the product and reselling it in various forms with price improvement. SEEG’s Proprietary Transactional Management and Risk Mitigation Model allows the product to be acquired safely and efficiently from all points on the globe; its added value processing services network allows the Company to easily change the product’s location and form to maximize profit potential; and its network of ready, willing and able buyers allows the product to be resold at profitable prices. SEEG’s unique organizational structure of affiliates allows this whole process to occur securely on behalf of the Company, its subsidiaries, affiliates, and clients.


As a result of SEEG’s extensive collection of strategic alliances, partnerships, and network contacts, the Company is uniquely positioned to carry out operations in three distinct transactional roles: as a principal buyer and seller of the commodity for its own account; as a contracted agent, mandate or representative for principal buyers and sellers of the commodity; and as a consulting intermediary working with and on behalf of alliance partners to facilitate third party transactions.



The Mineral Rights and Mining segment of the commodity division focuses on forming joint venture partnerships within the mine owner and operator community, wherein the company provides expertise in the search and exploration for mineral resources; the evaluation and classification of mineral resources; the design of processing flow to maximize recovery in an ecologically manner; and the design and construction of specialized processing equipment. Additional services offered through this division include consultation on the remediation of mine waste in an ecologically neutral fashion.



The Added Value Processing segment focuses on added value through efficient management, recovery, processing, refining and use of the raw mineral resources utilizing ecologically sound proprietary and non-proprietary systems.  This is primarily considered second stage processing that takes place after initial recovery from the mining industry.  This segment works with a network of private refineries and processors to purify and extract high purity product suitable for investment or for further beneficiation into specialized products for industrial use.