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Today’s companies, irrespective of industry, are constantly faced with balancing the risk-and-reward ratio relative to each and every business endeavor. There are numerous risks that need to be mitigated to bring to fruition any given project or transaction and the further realization of company or client goals.


Included among these risks are: product quality; market price fluctuations and exposure; environmental sustainability; security; profitability; supply chain management; logistics; financial compliance; and legal compliance to international trade regulations and standards. These risks, inherent in every project and business transaction, are identified exposures to loss that SEEG can help mitigate through the use of its proprietary models and industry affiliates. SEEG’s proprietary models serve to limit these traditional risks and form an interlinked and redundant checks-and-balances process ensuring procedural compliance for any transaction in which the Shared Service Network is engaged.

consulting division

areas of expertise

• Executive and strategic management.

• Mineral promulgation.

• Technology research and development.

• Technology deployment into revenue generating projects.

• Sales and marketing of minerals.

• Sales and marketing of technologies.

• Humanitarian projects and educational programs.