curriculum vitae

Mr. James Burgauer, Executive Management; Finance, Corporate Structure, (USA/ Swiss)

James O. Burgauer is a well-rounded and seasoned entrepreneur with a proven track record of success. His specialty has been, and continues to be, the founding and growing of companies. From 1979 to present, he has been involved in numerous entrepreneurial ventures both public and private, with responsibilities spanning the spectrum from executive administrative tasks to chairing Boards of Directors.


Mr. Burgauer attended the University of Illinois where he earned his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration (summa cum laude, 1978). During this period of time, he helped establish his first financial conglomerate, including a mutual fund, an NASD sales and investment advisory firm, and a transfer agent.


In 1983, he earned his Master’s in Business Administration from Illinois State University with a specialty in the field of Finance. He also taught at that college for a while and authored two books—The Do-It-Yourself Investor and Do-It-Yourself Investment Analysis. The former book was chosen by Sylvia Porter as one of her top business books for 1987.


While completing his MBA, Mr. Burgauer also began his professional career in the financial services sector with the firm that later became Shearson American Express. At this firm he worked as a licensed stock, commodity, and insurance broker, earning the position of 2nd Vice President of Investments.


By 1987, Mr. Burgauer had also founded AISCO Holdings, Ltd., where he served as its Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and its Chairman of the Board of Directors. During his tenure, he held, among others, SEC Series Licenses 3, 4, 7, 15, 24, 27, 53, and 63. As the firm’s primary SEC Licensed Principal, he grew this financial services conglomerate to $21 million in annual revenue, with over $700 million in customer assets under management, and employed approximately 300 licensed personnel. He coordinated and managed all functions of this holding company and its subsidiaries, which included a national brokerage firm, a commodity firm, an insurance firm, a market-making brokerage firm, and a facilities company. His responsibilities included all aspects of corporate and financial management, new business development, strategic planning, and tactical operations.


Mr. Pat Choate, Ph.D., Economist, Strategist; IP, Political and Policy Expert, (USA)

Mr. Choate is a noted economist, public policy expert, and best selling author. He advises businesses and governments at the highest levels. His specific areas of expertise include Infrastructure Development, Trade Policy, Intellectual Property Protection, Innovation, Area Economic Development, Think-Tank Analysis, and Corporate Strategy.


He was the first Commissioner of Economic and Community Development for the State of Tennessee, a senior economist in the federal government’s Office of Management and Budget, and Director of the U.S. Commerce Department’s Office of Economic Development Research.


In the decade of the 1980s, Choate was Vice President of Public Policy for TRW, Inc., a multinational high-tech conglomerate. Since 1990, Choate has been an economic advisor to business and government. His clients have been a wide array of public and private organizations including the Ford Motor Company, the General Motors Corporation, Chrysler, Milliken and Company, the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (International Tax Division), The U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission, the Appropriations Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives, the National Center for Manufacturing Sciences, The Council on Foreign Relations, AMTAC, the United Steel Workers, the Crafted with Pride in the USA Coalition, Corning, Pharma, the TPL Group, and the U.S. Justice Department.


In 1986, he co-founded the Congressional Economic Leadership Council, a non-partisan organization that briefed Congress on vital economic issues. He served as either Chairman or co-Chairman until 2005.






Pat Choate has authored nine books, three of which were national best sellers, four of which were translated into Japanese, three into Chinese, two into Korean, and one into French. His most recent books are Saving Capitalism (Vintage Books,2009), and Hot Property: The Stealing of Ideas in an Age of Globalization (Alfred A. Knopf, 2005), which examines U.S. and global intellectual property issues. In August 2008, Knopf published Dangerous Business, The Risks of Globalization for America, which was one of the Book-of-the-Month Club’s featured selections. Choate has given expert testimony before Congress more than 50 times. In 1994, the University of Oklahoma, from which he holds an M.A. and Ph. D. in economics, named him the Arthur Barto Adams Alumni Fellow in recognition of his continuing scholarship.


In 1996, Ross Perot, candidate for the US Presidency, picked Choate to be his Vice Presidential running mate.


Mr. Choate currently works as a private consultant and advises a number of public and private clients on business, political and policy issues.

Mr. Lloyd Hendricks III, Executive and Operations Management, Corporate Strategist, (USA) Mr. Hendricks is a proven executive level performer, with specific expertise in think-tank analysis; corporate strategy and structure; logistics; operations management; and creation, development and management of client and joint venture partner relationships.


Mr. Hendricks spent the first half of his career as a successful serial entrepreneur operating several mid level businesses. In 2003, he liquidated his private holdings and took a consulting position to assist in the management of a private, affluent family office. In this capacity, he directly participated in the management of family assets, including its media holdings, mineral holdings, and physical commodity businesses.


In 2007, Mr. Hendricks engaged with James Burgauer in the startup of Southeast Equities Group, LLC and to assist in the building of its core business interests. He coordinated the creation of SEEG’s Proprietary Transaction Management and Risk Mitigation Model, specifically addressing the risks associated with high volume, physical commodity transactions. He further went on to play a direct role in the formation of the various joint venture relationships between SEEG, the Shared Service Network, and their various technology partners.


Mr. Hendricks continues to play a pivotal role with SEEG as a consultant acting as their Chief Operations Officer (COO) and managing the strategic relationships and partnerships that will be responsible for the development and deployment of the raw material and technology assets of the group.

L. Kent Harmon, Project Management, Technologist, Energy and Chemical Consultant, (USA)

Mr. Harmon’s extensive career experience, in the development, technical packaging, and marketing of state-of-the-art technologies, has allowed him to develop a unique and valuable skill set specifically applicable to the goals of the Shared Service Network.


Mr. Harmon is a well-rounded “technologist” with a diversified field of expertise, ranging from energy systems to raw material handling and processing.Mr. Harmon has created customized, proprietary methodologies that represent a paradigm shift in the mining, refining and smelting of catalytic and noble metals, as well as having further developed fuel cell applications to utilize the nature of the processed catalytic metals and other proprietary meta materials.


Mr. Harmon invented the Dilute-Phase, Low-Pressure pneumatic, Linear Accelerator (U.S. Patent # 6,170,768) with specific application to raw material handling and processing within an eco-friendly “dry” system. His work in particle isolation in a dilute-phase bulk handling state has been contracted for use in cleaning coal for coal-fired power plants, along with various applications within raw material mining, refining, and recycling sectors.


Complementing this work, Mr. Harmon developed and perfected methodologies that made possible the separation of differing materials within the dry processing system by identified properties such as specific-gravity and conductivity through tribo-electrification of isolated particles in a dry handling bulk state.